August 2018 meeting report

August 2018 meeting report

Rehearsed play readings

An excerpt from ‘The Road To Nowhere’ by Colin Brake – part of the new ‘The Other 1%’ audio drama series currently in production.

Featuring Russell Shaw, Laura Savage and Sorcha Brooks

 ‘Fran: Day 12’ by Robert Cohen – a monologue from ‘Protect and Survive’

Performed by Sorcha Brooks

Both produced by Simon Moorhead [TBC Audio]

‘Grey’ by Thomas Everchild, read by Thomas with Philippa Hammond

Scratch reading

Extract from ‘IVF Pistols’ by Simon Messingham, read by Simon with Murray Simon, Robert Cohen and Russell Shaw


If you have a short play or excerpt, work in progress or finished piece [up to 10 minutes long] and would like to present it at a meeting for discussion and feedback, or you would like to read on the night, please email us at



Lots of announcements and news for writers and actors in our August meeting:

The launch of our regular drama podcast: We’re currently post-producing the three winning plays from our last competition. The three full-cast audio dramas will then make up the first programmes in Sussex Playwrights’ new podcast feature.

Publishing: Sussex Playwrights is developing a plan using print-on-demand services to publish selected plays and writing under the Sussex Playwrights banner, so it can be available to companies, producers and actors worldwide.

Things are changing! You can be a part of this exciting new concept for Sussex Playwrights.