March 6th 2022 meeting

Members and friends’ news:

Jenny Rowe is currently appearing in the tour of the Connaught Theatre Worthing resident production company Conn Artists’ production of JM Barrie’s Mary Rose.

Simon Moorhead & Emily Rosen-Rawlings’ production of the short film “Breathe” directed by Josh Merrit, made for Screen South, Arts Council and the BBC, showed at the Komedia Brighton as part of a package of short films for the Oska Bright Film Festival.

James Allen’s short film currently in post production will be shown at the DAFTAS, parodying 2021 films at the ‘Rotunda’ (Pop-up on Regency Square) on May 15th 4.30pm. And he’s about to have his first stand up comedy gig in London, following a stand-up writing and performance course.

Wayne Liversidge’ true story is told in the book Love’s Poison, and will shortly be coming out as an audio book on Audible.

Also in the Fringe:

Lin Robinson’s play Mala Sororibus is at the Rotunda, Regency Square

Philip Willet appears in Crunch by Sarah Archer at the Latest Bar

Both will be presenting extracts at the next meeting.

More details and ticket info at

March’s event saw several new short script readings:

The Frontline by Lin Robinson, was read by Philippa and Lin. Jason wants a job in the Prison Service – but what’s he really after? Funny, insightful look at what really drives some people to join the prison service, the police, the army? Dark undertones for today.

We agreed we’d welcome a return to sketch comedy over the current cheap panel and reality shows currently dominating the TV schedules.

Pickman’s Method (working title), written and presented by Adrian Jameson, a regular at Cabaret Lab and now reinventing the horror story. A two hander work in progress set in an art studio in a creepy old Boston house sparked great conversation around Gothic horror and Grand Guignol theatre, M.R. James and Christmas and Halloween horror stories on TV, film and stage. Adrian is planning live theatre around short, punchy, explosive tales.

Discussions ranged around:

The Warren will not be present at the Fringe this year.

The financial impact of lockdown for venues, production companies and individual performers.

What makes a venue?? Fly tower, lighting equipment, backstage facilities …

Critiquing some current films

And the Amazon/Apple/Netflix phenomenon – it’s a new world out there for writing and production – a new creativity, new studios and huge new TV series on the horizon.