May 5th 2019 Fringe-time meeting

Our May 5th Fringe-time meeting

Our May meeting happened during the Brighton Fringe – Check out our April meeting report for details and responses to five more of the upcoming shows we previewed then.

May Guests

A celebration of writing and performance during the 2019 Brighton Fringe showcasing two more upcoming Fringe shows and an award-winning short monologue, featuring performances and conversations with

Joshua Plummer

Writer, actor and stage combat tutor Joshua performed and discussed his short solo piece ‘Samaritans’ – one of three winners of London Theatre Podcast’s New Year, Same Me competition. Joshua also gave  some insights on dramatic combat on the night.

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The Harbour Theatre Company

Eddie Alford presented and discussed an extract from his upcoming play ‘Hello Who’s Calling’

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Jenny Rowe

Jenny performed and discussed an extract from her solo play ‘Tiptree: No-one Else’s Damn Secret But My Own’

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Most Curious Productions

Tristan Woolf presented an extract from his new play ‘The Hunters of Ghost Hall’, with writer and actors in conversation.

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Members’ news

Protect and Survive

Sussex Playwrights’ writers, actors and producer collaborate on this major online audio drama series. Contributors include Russell Shaw, Sorcha Brooks, Philippa Hammond, Robert Cohen, Simon Jenner and TBC Audio producer Simon Moorhead.

You can hear the whole cycle 7 to 19 May as part of Brighton Fringe, in the Jubilee Library.

Imagine what life would be like in Brighton following a nuclear attack on the UK? The chaos, the anguish, the resilience….

What would you do to survive?

As the UK is hit by 160 nuclear warheads, The Other 1% takes you in and around Brighton from the day before to 1000 years after the attack. Systems at the local council collapse, the hospital can’t cope with the human tide and the postman is conscripted to maintain law and order. What exactly is the farmer feeding her pigs, what struggles will humanity face hundreds of years after a nuclear holocaust and how will language and our relationships evolve?

Brighton-based award-winning producer and director, Simon Moorhead: ‘The entire series is produced, cast and recorded in Brighton and Sussex. We are fortunate to have so much talent on our doorstep.’

[listen to The Other 1% complete portfolio of audio dramas at ]