November 2017 meeting

A summary of the November meeting

Sunday 5th November – A discussion about writing

Writers, producers, directors and actors convened to talk and share opinions about practical script writing.

Received wisdom about writing includes the ideas that writing must:

Have a Beginning, Middle and End, not necessarily in that order
Show the Journey, we must learn something
Be surprising
Solve a puzzle
Solve a mystery
Avoid exposition
Make literary points
Teach life lessons

Scratch readings on the night

We held impromptu scratch readings of two short pieces by Dave Patchett:

‘Voices’ – agents experimenting with mind control
‘The Initiation of Foo’ – all-powerful beings initiate a new member into their secret order

and discussed theatre in the UK and Bucharest, Robert McKee on ‘Story’, how to enter new drama into the Brighton Fringe and Hove Grown Festival brochures.

News from Brighton Radio Playtime and Brighton Theatre of the Air new writing groups – several new short audio dramas are in preparation for recording in November and December. New writer and actor members always welcome. See Facebook for details.

There is a practical writing group session at Brighton Waterstones – meeting every Thursday morning at 11.00 for group writing exercises.

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