September 2018 meeting

About the September 2018 meeting

Sunday September 2nd

Thank you to our great guests at this month’s Sussex playwrights meet up.

September’s meeting welcomed producer, director and actor Sophie Flack of Lantern Light Theatre. We chatted with Sophie about her experience of winning a contract to write, produce and perform a series of shows in celebration of Portsmouth’s Summer of Sherlock, with performances and readings by Tom Dussek, Paul Zenon and Neil James from the play Sherlock’s Poisons which we reviewed here this month.

Taking several plays at the same time from Brighton to Edinburgh is also quite a feat – we also heard from Cast Iron‘s Andrew Allen and Michelle Donkin about their Edinburgh Fringe experience.

Peter Gardiner of Two Bit Productions and the Brighton Theatre of the Air / Brighton Radio Playtime team brought two short plays to read and discuss – part of Peter’s Whisper Through the Static audio drama series, available online. If you’re an actor or writer interested in getting involved in audio drama in the city, do take a look at their Facebook Pages and have a chat with them on the night.

Featuring Philippa Hammond, Andrew Allen, Tom Clear, Lucy Mepsted, Neil James and Peter Gardiner.

James Alexander Allen is writer of the acclaimed play The Engagement, which we previewed in January, to some of the best response ever seen at a Sussex Playwrights script reading. SPC Secretary Thomas Everchild directed The Engagement in the Hove Grown festival of new drama. This month James presented a reading of an extract from his latest short film script Edge of Insanity, with production news.

Featuring James, Andrew Allen, Philippa Hammond and Lucy Mepsted.

And the latest news from Thomas and Philippa about Afterthought Theatre‘s new Romeo and Juliet production for Shoreham Wordfest this October.