SPC Reviews: Imaginauts – Harry and Pita’s Time Straddling Adventure!

… four sparky performers bursting with energy and ideas … ‘

Harry and Pita discover a disconcerting ancient artefact that sweeps them off on a dimension-bending adventure.

Four sparky performers bursting with energy and ideas, a charming, endearing crew of idiots gallop through a manic tale of … well … um … not quite sure what happened there (perhaps it would be churlish to suggest the script does need ‘work’) but it was all cheerfully silly fun.

Loved Satan’s redlit scented vape-trailing sashay, the bouncy athletic dancing, fighting and snogging – they must be covered in bruises – and the mysteriously orange tiny-handed despot reminded me of … no, it’s gone.

Big bonkers fun in a hot tin box at the Warren, a festival all by itself, where the sound leaking in from the big venue next door just added to the mayhem.

Philippa Hammond