Sussex Playwrights Reviews: bare A Pop Opera

Brief Hiatus presents:


A Pop Opera

One Church Gloucester Place Brighton

July 6-15 2017

A young, vibrant, talented cast play out a Romeo and Juliet-inspired tale of a teen love quartet in a strict American Catholic boarding school with huge energy and verve. Terrific voices throughout sing a wealth of ballads, gospel and rock numbers with harmony, power and emotional truth.

The cast sing and dance their hearts out to a beautifully produced backing track. It’s superbly directed and performed, though the intelligent lyrics, pacey dialogue and intricate story demand effort to follow as talented performers contend with an echoing high-ceiling venue. It certainly isn’t the clarity of the diction, and the fading Victorian church is used with inventive flair, but the one downside of this cavernous and atmospheric space is the acoustics.

Talent, training and direction skill shine out in this production. Look out for every single one of these names, because one thing’s certain – the next generation’s musical theatre is safe in their hands.

Philippa Hammond