Take part

Work in progress or for sharing

We’re looking to members and guests to take part in meetings and showcase their work

  • If you’d like to have actors read an excerpt from your latest script in progress for discussion [10 minute slot]
  • If you’d like to read an excerpt from your latest fiction or non-fiction on the night [10 minute slot]
  • If you’d prefer to have someone read it for you, if you’re happier writing than speaking

Please contact us chair@sussexplaywrights.co.uk

Ideas for guest speakers

If you can suggest a great guest speaker for one of our meetings – please get in touch with us.

Ideas for workshops

Are there any particular workshops you’d like to have as part of a meeting?

Suggestions so far include:

  • Reading aloud to an audience – For authors, being able to deliver an excerpt from your poetry, fiction or non fiction to an audience can raise your profile and increase your sales
  • Acting script-in-hand for beginners – being able to take a script and bring it to life with a group reading is a great skill for writers, and can help you appreciate what makes dialogue playable
  • Crowd funding your writing – how writers can create their own fundraising project online to support themselves and their creative work.
  • Audio drama performance skills – an essential toolkit of skills for anyone interested in performing audio drama

Please contact us

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