Whadd’ya Know – We’re In Love!

‘ … screwball comedy musical, with terrific original vintage-style songs …’

‘Whadd’ya Know – We’re In Love!’

The Foundry Group
The Rialto Theatre

The team that brought you the hit show Ministry of Biscuits, currently on a rural tour, now pauses to premiere a great potential new addition to The Foundry Group’s touring repertoire.

Four actors, a bunch of instruments and the occasional stuffed seagull have a ball performing this screwball comedy musical, with terrific original vintage-style songs by Jerry Rulf, now gathered together with book by Brian Mitchell.

Three guys on the run have stowed away on a 1930s Mediterranean cruise ship and have to pose as a music quartet to escape detection … spot the problem?

Enter Amy Sutton, sashaying in as Sam, the girl in the green velvet dress, in full sultry smoky-toned mode – and Jerry Rulf’s laconic Joey’s a gonner.

Rulf and Sutton – mostly – rise above the lunacy, as shades of the Marx Brothers and some bonkers character doubling kick in around them.

David Mounfield and Glen Richardson duck behind the curtain to re-emerge in mad new character, Mounfield channelling TopCat’s Benny the Ball as Mikey and in full rant mode as music-loathing Chief Officer Brown. Richardson has real piano and singing flair as Lenny, and whips up audience near hysteria with recalcitrant fake moustache and crazed Italian accent as lovelorn Euro aristo Prince Frederick Xlll.

Everyone sings and plays, getting a buzzing Rialto Theatre into full party mood plus audience participation – just try stopping us …

It’s great good hearted fun performed in a tiny space; as with last year’s Ministry of Biscuits I’d love to see it on a bigger stage, although the intimate setting does add to the general chaos.

Whaddaya You Know is back at the Rialto 14th, 23rd & 24th May.

Philippa Hammond