Sussex Playwrights Christmas 2017 party and meeting

About the 2017 Christmas Party meeting

Thank you to all our members, visitors and guests for coming to our traditional Sussex Playwrights Christmas party on December the 3rd at the New Venture Theatre, where we’ve been meeting for about half a century (of course, Sussex Playwrights itself has been going for well over 80 years!)

This was a special Christmas ghost storytelling theme event, with wine, nibbles, readings, spooky tales and live music throughout the evening.

Previous parties have seen readings from ‘The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ John Julius Norwich’s ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas,’ plus performed script readings of ‘The Christmas Goat’ by Judy Upton and ‘The Toad on the Road’ by Thomas Everchild.

Cherie Cherchie read her short story ‘The Telephone Call’

Robert Cohen read his short story ‘Yarmouth Road’

Thomas Everchild told his spooky tale of ‘The Haunted Coat’

Jo Crocker read ‘Love Auntie Alice’ by Judy Upton

The traditional fiendish quiz presented by Thomas:

  • Third prize John Dutton £5 book token
  • Second prize Simon Moorhead £10 book token
  • And first prize winner Robert Cohen £15 book token

John Dutton read his short story ‘HMS Mosquito’

Apologies from Philippa, prevented from performing her short story ‘Night Watch’ by the great 2017 Brighton Cold! Hoping to do it at a future meeting.

Singer/guitarist Jo Crocker completed the evening by singing Playwriter, words by Thomas Everchild to the theme from Moonraker (music by John Barry, original lyrics by Hal David.) Click here to play

Next meeting: January 7th 7pm – 9pm